Meet Morty and Patron, two brothers (not biological) living on Caye Caulker.  He may look like a big scary dude but Patron is a sweet lovable guy.  Morty is big on hugging.



Yogi is a tough little dude.  He growled when I took his picture!  Some of us just don’t prefer to be in the limelight. Sorry Yogi!  You were too cute and I had to do it!  I tried to capture his adorable overbite but he kept hiding it when I held up the camera.


Puddles: A Man of Two Countries

Puddles was born on Caye Caulker and now divides his time between Canada and Belize.  On Caye Caulker he’s usually seen in a bike basket toodling around with his people Al & Jo-Ann.  I imagine that in Canada he spends his time rolling on grass and hiding from snow.  As you can see from the candid shots below, Puddles is a bit of a partier.

Puddles cut off:


And at the next party:



Another Saturday Clinic….

…and another day full of kids and pups.


This big litter was all brown and white, except for the guy who was white and brown.



As always, the guys were champs at giving dewormer medicine.



And this cutie!



Shaggy kept us company all morning.


….and Homey and Amber wore each other out smacking down in the yard!


Saturday Clinic

As usual, we saw lots of cute puppies!  Ever one of them is adorable and lovable but there are so many!  Most will grow up without good homes.  Please consider spaying or neutering your dog.