Show Dog Blacky (Blackie)

Photo submitted by Debbie.

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Demo Pup




Fipsi in Italy

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Those days I am retired and watch our house in Italy.”

-Fipsi, translated by Olivia



Blacky had a promising start: as the show dog for the Worldvets at the CC school. After that you could see her roaming the streets, playing with every dog on the island and following people that were walking their dogs. She had many homes where she would go to for a couple of nights, but her most steady address was Debbie Cooper who usually fed her. At X-mas 2011 Wish Willy took her in, determined to find a permanent home for this sweet dog as there were already 3 other dogs at the property. After a couple of months we found a new home for Blacky and everyone was happy. Except for Blacky, because she didn’t like her new location and kept breaking out. She went back to Wish Willy and after a while Debby thought: why don’t I adopt Blacky? And that’s where she is now. The streetdog is still in her and every now and then she will roam the streets again, but she now has a permanent address to go back to.”

– Monique

Punch & Pujo

We got Punch & Pujo when they were 5 weeks old, almost 6 years ago now. Little did we know that 2 male dogs from the same litter is about the worst combination you can get, but in the end they turned out to be ok. They scare many locals, especially when they’re together and they’re very fond of chasing iguanas. Besides that Pujo is the lazy one and likes to hang out in a chair, while Punch is the alpha dog and has to watch everything. Together with Scruffy they have a good life at Wish Willy.

(Punch is the grey one, Pujo the more brownish one)

– Monique









Fipsi: Caye Caulker Dog in the Snow

My name is Fred Prost. Fourteen years ago a sweet little puppy entered our lives on Caye Caulker. I was owner of Seaview Hotel (Barefoot Beach Hotel, today). It was winter and my wife’s cousin was visiting. Fipsi first started hanging around with her cousin Marcus while he was visiting but when he left this cute little guy kept coming back and as these things go, we simply got attatched to him and soon …we had a dog.

His name is a German word that says everything about his lively personality.  Now, at this time I was spending my summers in Berlin away from the island and the plan was to leave him with our summer manager Barbara. As the time came closer, it became obvious that we could not part with him for 5 months, so the plan was set in motion to take him with us. Fipsi’s first of what would be many world adventures would start soon. He´s always been a champion traveler ever since. Until I finally left Caye Caulker for good, he traveled back and forth to Europe 3 times. Always unfazed and ready when his travel box came out to do it again….the important thing was, to come along.

Since then he lived with us in Berlin. Then we moved to the Alps in the south of Germany to be a virtual snow bunny. Even his first winter, he grew a thick furry coat and enjoyed, beyond our wildest hopes, all the snow he could jump into. The deeper the better. Half the year he is also in Italy in our summer home. All travel is for him just a cakewalk.

At 14 now, he seems to have a little ouch in his back sometimes but is still as lively and playful as any young dog. Because he took mostly care of himself wandering around Caye Caulker as a puppy, he still is totally fixated about anything to do with FOOD. He never forgets anyone or anywhere he´s gotten a treat. He is as sweet as any dog I’ve ever had. Always especially attentive when someone at home is sick. Kind to everyone he meets. He is a joy to everyone who knows him and has made our lives richer with the love he spreads.

Fipsi is getting old but we hope and are sure he will be in our little family for a while yet. There is just so much life in him and the joy of living. He is the greatest joy we brought back with us from Caye Caulker. If he could write, he could tell quite a story to his old buddies who played with him on the beach daily. And the endless beach boy he still is. He has a bond to sand whenever we bring him to the beach.

Thank you for allowing me to share his story.