Photo submitted by Amanda Badger:




One thought on “Kujo

  1. Amazing story on this guy – never did get his name (but he always responded to Handsome). Suddenly out of the blue, two new dogs showed up a couple of years ago. One was kind of owned, and this one kind of roamed. Already fully grown and lovely natured, the CCHS kept an eye on him and set him up with regular vaccines, and tried to make sure he didn’t get in trouble. About a year later and women came into the bar asking if I had seen a large dog that fitted the description. Well, yes, of course, let’s see if we can find him….. we did. I wasn’t sure if this could be the right dog, Well the reunion was a tear jerker right on the beach here. The lady had gone to live on San Pedro and taken the dog. She then had to go to the USA and left the dog with her brother. When she got back she was told that the dog had been put to sleep and she kind of gave up (after giving her brother a good whack I am sure). She heard rumour of a similar looking dog out here, and came to see if it could be him! Lucky critter!

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