Photo submitted by Amanda Badger


One thought on “Massive

  1. Massive is the name of this guy, now famous through Raggamuffin’s blog as the Coconut retriever, amazing sight. He will chase a coconut into the sea, bring it back and then shred it in seconds, drink the milk and open the nut to get at the meat! Hangs around the Split entertaining everyone, and if you are feeling lazy and don’t want to throw a coconut for him, he will nudge you with his nose till you do! Ahh, a dog’s life here on the Islands. He must be about 7 years old now, and the CCHS have patched him up numerous times from being run over to dislocating his hip! Some idiot put a fishing spear through his the top of his nose and through his mouth, but he got through that too! He has a two or three ‘go-to’ homes where he rests and eats and then rambles off to the next! A fixture here and much loved!

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