“The story goes that Scruffy was brought to the island by an American tourist when she was still a puppy. When the owner had to go back to the States for an emergency, he left the dog on the island. From then on Scruffy was roaming the streets and because of her charming personality many people looked after her. I tried not to pay too much attention to her because I was afraid that she would follow me home, where we have a restaurant, and that she would not want to leave anymore. We already had 2 dogs. But after she got spayed at the Humane Society, she needed a place to recover and we decided to do that at our house. And of course after that, Scruffy stayed and became our dog.

Now, after 3 years, Scruffy is still a part-time streetdog. At daytime she loves to hang out at the Split where she becomes friends with anyone that is nice to her or gives her something to eat. One of her favorite pastimes though is ‘stealing’ peoples towels: first she comes to sit next to you, then she will lay on a tip of the towel and in the end after a lot of stretching and gently pushing the owner of the towel sits in the sand and Scruffy lays comfortably on the towel. Luckily for us she will always come home around 5pm so we can enjoy this remarkable dog.”

– Submitted by Monique
Scruffy on a Stolen Towel

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