Technical Difficulties

I have more dogs to upload but am currently experiencing multiple technical problems!  I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, here’s a cute photo of a dog and a baby:








5 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

    1. Thanks AJ! I think it’s a WordPress problem. My first WP blog runs really smoothly but this one is full of glitches. The most annoying one is that after the first few entries I have not been able to enter anything after a photo – not another photo, and no text. I wonder if cookies or other stuff are duking it out on my computer between my two blogs?

      Any thoughts?

      Thank you!

      1. My site is self-hosted wordpress. I find after I insert an image in the blog portion I have to click on the far right of the image to insert the cursor and then hit return to add a new line for my text to be typed into.

      2. That’s always worked for me with my other blog too. I’m not sure what the problem is with this one. I’ve tried what you suggest and also tried inserting a group of photos as an album and then I just get an error. :-/

    2. Oh, hey! I think I figured it out. It’s a different style blog than my other one and it places the photos next to each other instead of one on top of the other. If I put in some spaces I can get more than one in a post. Unfortunately, like the other style of blog, it squishes them together really closely and doesn’t like to allow much blank space around the photo.

      Thanks for the advice and encouragement!

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