Blacky had a promising start: as the show dog for the Worldvets at the CC school. After that you could see her roaming the streets, playing with every dog on the island and following people that were walking their dogs. She had many homes where she would go to for a couple of nights, but her most steady address was Debbie Cooper who usually fed her. At X-mas 2011 Wish Willy took her in, determined to find a permanent home for this sweet dog as there were already 3 other dogs at the property. After a couple of months we found a new home for Blacky and everyone was happy. Except for Blacky, because she didn’t like her new location and kept breaking out. She went back to Wish Willy and after a while Debby thought: why don’t I adopt Blacky? And that’s where she is now. The streetdog is still in her and every now and then she will roam the streets again, but she now has a permanent address to go back to.”

– Monique


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