Submitted by Amanda:

“Maya was a street dog that hung around the Seadreams Hotel and a Belguim family were staying and fell in love with her (brown one with big ears!) .  To get her back to Belguim proved to be a nightmare – but she apparently bore it all with a smile, they lost her at one point in the lost cargo section somewhere en route.

Vito is their own dog who was young too, and they thought they would get on great.  They did, so great that they take them everywhere.  Now this family are a very active bunch, skiiing, parachuting, hiking, white water kayaking and more!  The two dogs get on like a house on fire!  So well, that they got them married – and here they are on nuptial day!  Anniversary the 1 July 2011. They sent us an official invitation too! Cute huh?!  Dominique sends us updates every now and then.”

Maya (Bride) and Vito (Groom)

Pups Need Homes

Photo by Amanda

A couple of weeks ago, these two were turned in to the Humane Society by someone who was unable to care for them.  They were a mess!  I posted a photo here but they were so scared and fragile it’s hard to even see them.

Last night they were out socializing with their foster family and taking in the Friday jam at the Sports Bar.  Boy are they looking cute!  And healthy!  And lovable!

The girl is the outgoing one with a blaze of white across her nose.  The boy is shy and reserved and spent a good amount of time cuddling on my lap.  Both of them are amazing and beautiful!  They also both need homes.  If you’re interested, contact CCHS.  And remember, importing a dog from Belize to the US or Canada is not difficult.  The Humane Society can help!


Dog Collage

Jim took these dog portraits while visiting in February of 2012:

This Guy is Clearly a San Pedrano But I’m Letting Him Stay Cause He’s Cute and Has a Striped Shirt


“So Deisel and her sister were chosen and lucky! Sickly uncared for pups, they would not have survived, but their people “bought” them and whisked them off to Canada! How happy and healthy they are now, 5 months later! Thank you to all. The pic with the bag is at the airport on their way out..!”

– Amanda

Diesel and Her Sister at the International Airport Preparing to Leave Belize for Their New Life in Canada

Cute Pups Need Home!

“These two were dropped off at the CCHS yesterday. They are terrified and skinny, but otherwise in pretty good health. They desperately need a home. They are around 4 months old, they won’t be big, kind of medium and slight but very pretty. I couldn’t get decent photos this morning as the thunder scared them into corners. If you know of anyone who could care for them, or take them as fosters, or give them a forever home, please please let us know. You may not know that we do not have a shelter here, just the clinic, so we have nowhere to keep them while we get them back to fighting fitness, get them vaccinated and spayed and neutered. We need you! Thanks.”
– Amanda

Contact Caye Caulker Humane Society if you can help with fostering, adoption or a donation.  Here is their website and here is their facebook page.


Photos submitted by Amanda:

Jefe is one of Caye Caulker’s famous coconut peeling dogs.


Jefe, Coco and Murphy Having a Slumber Party

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