Submitted by Amanda:

“Maya was a street dog that hung around the Seadreams Hotel and a Belguim family were staying and fell in love with her (brown one with big ears!) .  To get her back to Belguim proved to be a nightmare – but she apparently bore it all with a smile, they lost her at one point in the lost cargo section somewhere en route.

Vito is their own dog who was young too, and they thought they would get on great.  They did, so great that they take them everywhere.  Now this family are a very active bunch, skiiing, parachuting, hiking, white water kayaking and more!  The two dogs get on like a house on fire!  So well, that they got them married – and here they are on nuptial day!  Anniversary the 1 July 2011. They sent us an official invitation too! Cute huh?!  Dominique sends us updates every now and then.”

Maya (Bride) and Vito (Groom)

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