‘Q vs. Pink Smackdown

Pink was found a few weeks ago, abandoned, starving, mangy and sick in the mangroves on the southern end of the island.  With food, rest, cuddling and medication he’s bouncing back nicely.  His oozing sores have cleared up and he’s got a lot of energy and spunk but he’s still naked so until his fur grows in he’s wearing a t-shirt to keep him warm and unsunburned.

‘Q is thrilled to have another dog in the house who’s not an old fogey and she’s taught him how to wrestle and play tug.  She lies down to minimize the size difference and lets him win even though she outweighs him by 30 pounds.

Pink is getting excellent medical care from the CCHS but I think ‘Q really deserves credit for most of his recovery.

Q v Pink 5

Q v Pink 6

Q v Pink 7












Q v Pink 12