Brian is a good natured gentleman of no fixed address.  He loves to meet new friends from around the world and can often be seen guiding tourists around the island, showing them the sights of Caye Caulker.  I assume he makes his living in eggs scrambled in vacation cottage kitchens and restaurant left-overs.  If you see him, buy him a meal and he may tell you about some of his amazing adventures.



Clinic Day at the CC Humane Society

Every Saturday morning from 9 – 11 AM the Humane Society holds a clinic for island animals.  Today was a busy one!  Here are some highlights:

Three sisters who had been wandering around stray were reunited.  Two have been adopted by clinic volunteer Preston and his family and we have our fingers crossed on the third.


A big basket of puppies came in for their second set of shots and worming.  They’re sure growing fast!


These two look like little stuffed toys but they’re real dogs.  They also needed puppy shots and worming.



And Bessina got a bath and treatment for some skin problems.


Angelle can be found with her person Paulette at the Red Flower Gallery across the road from China Town market.  She enthusiastically greets gallery visitors by jumping up and down with glee and yipping excitedly.

Angelle is a puppy-mill rescue dog originally from Minnesota, now enjoying the warmth of Caye Caulker life.


We’re Back!

After a long hiatus, Dogs of Caye Caulker is back.  There are lots of new dogs on the caye and some old favorites that we hope to catch up with so there’s work to do!  Here’s some of what’s going on in the dog world on Caye Caulker:


Handsome Teddy with the dreamy eyes belongs to Annie and is sometimes co-parented by Chila. He seems to always be in a good mood and who wouldn’t love that face!
Rudy and Krispie have formed a club that no one else is invited to join